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Vyntec Carbon Fibre Phenolic

Vyntec Carbon Fibre Phenolic

Vyntec Carbon reinforced polymers are advanced composites that can outperform metals and specialty engineering thermoplastics.

Developed to provide an easily mouldable, cost efficient, lightweight material for demanding applications in aggressive environments, Vyntec short-carbon fibre reinforced composite delivers an unmatched balance of mechanical and tribological properties.

Vyntec offers the following characteristics:

  • Low Density due to Carbon Fibre Reinforcement
  • High Mechanical Properties at High Temperatures.
  • Excellent Tribological Properties.
  • High Thermal & Chemical Resistance.
    Dimensional Stability.
Wear Resistance and High Deformation Resistance

Available grades include:

  • Vyntec CF8030 – superior mechanical properties including high tensile and flexural strength and modulus combined with low density.
  • Vyntec CF8131 – superior tribological properties.

Other grades are available on request.

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