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Topas COC

Topas Cyclic Olefin Coploymer (COC)

Cyclic olefin copolymers are a new class of polymeric materials that exhibit a unique combination of properties which can be customised by varying the chemical structure of the copolymer.

Performance benefits include:

  • Low Density
  • High Transparency
  • Low Birefringence
  • Extremely Low Water Absorption
  • Excellent Water Vapour Barrier Properties
  • Variable Heat Deflection Temperature up to 170oC
  • High Rigidity, Strength and Hardness
  • Very Good Blood Compatibility
  • Excellent Biocompatibility
  • Very Good Resistance to Acids and Alkalis
  • Very Good Electrical Insulating Properties
  • Very Good Melt Processability/Flowability
  • Topas COC resins are suitable for the production of transparent mouldings for use in optical data storage, optic eg lenses, sensors and industrial products.

These materials are also of particular interest for primary packaging of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic disposables.

Topas is currently supplied as an unreinforced water-clear transparent material. Glass-filled, tinted and pigmented formulations are also under development.

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