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PTS-Thermoprene TPE-V

PTS-Thermoprene TPE-V

PTS-Thermoprene is a thermoplastic vulcanisate (TPE-V) available from 30 Shore A to 60 Shore D and can be used in multi-injection moulding as a bondable soft material for overmoulding PP, POM, ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PET, PA and PMMA.

The inherent colour of PTS-Thermoprene is very slight which is why colouring with a masterbatch is very easy, even with strong colours.

Due to the cross linking of the EPDM component the chemical resistance is significantly better in comparison to SEBS.

Hydrolysis resistance is also outstanding as is resistance to dilute acid and alkaline solutions, alcohol and antifreeze agents.

Improved temperature performance means that it can be used for seals up to 120°C.

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