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PTS-Thermoflex SEBS/SEPS

PTS-Thermoflex SEBS/SEPS

The PTS-Thermoflex range of SEBS and SEPS block copolymer compounds are available from 20 Shore 00, through the Shore A scale to 70 Shore D.

PTS-Thermoflex has been specifically formulated for 2-shot moulding and develops a chemical bond when injection moulded onto a variety of plastic substrates.

Ease of processing and outstanding flow properties are the key characteristics of PTS-Thermoflex materials.

Other features include the neutral base colour, resistance to ageing and UV radiation, compression set and food contact approval.

Special grades with specific acoustic properties, modified adhesion, increased thermal resistance and flame retardancy complete the current product range.

PTS-Thermoflex TF
Filled & Unfilled (Translucent)
Standard grades for adhesion to PP
PTS-Thermoflex J
Jelly Compounds
From hardness 20 shore 00
PTS-Thermoflex H
High Performance
Can be used up to 100oC and for interior applications
PTS-Thermoflex HH
High Heat
Good compression set up to 100oC
PTS-Thermoflex FR
Flame Retardant
Self extinguishing according to UL94 at 2mm
PTS-Thermoflex LS
Low Shock
For applications that require acoustic damping
PTS-Thermoflex A1
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to ABS, PC/ABS blends, SAN and PA
PTS-Thermoflex A2
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PA Blends and can be used for seals up to 100oC
PTS-Thermoflex A4
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PS and PPO
PTS-Thermoflex A5
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PC, PBT, ASA, PMMA and POM
PTS-Thermoflex A8
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PA11, PA12 and PEBA
PTS-Thermoflex A22
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PA6 and PA66
PTS-Thermoflex A23
Adhesion Modified
Adhesion to PA with improved compression set

Combination and custom grades are also available, please contact one of our customer services representatives for further information.

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