Plastic Technology Service Ltd


Creative Polymers

Custom products created for optimum adhesion to our PTS elastomer range.

Available products include (but are not limited to):

PTS-Creamid A/B – PA66 and PA6 – unreinforced, glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforced, electrically conductive, halogen free/red phosphorous free flame retardant grades to meet UL94 V0

PTS-Creamon A/B – PA66 and PA6 – mineral filled, low warpage, good acoustic properties as the shrinkage of the material is identical with/across the flow

PTS-Creamid S – Highly reinforced (30-60% glass fibre) special polyamide grades, low warpage, excellent aesthetic surface finish

V-PTS-Creamid – PA6, PA66, PA11 and PA12 – radiation crosslinking, self-extinguishing polyamide

PTS-Creablend A – PC/ABS Blends, self-extinguising, acoustic grades and suitable for sound-deadening formulations

PTS-Creablend B – PC/PBT Blends – glass fibre reinforced, mineral filled

PTS-Creablend D – PA/ABS Blends – glass fibre reinforced, mineral filled, impact resistant

PTS-Creablend F – PP/ABS Blends – low warpage, high dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Combines the dimensional stability of ABS with the chemical resistance of PP

PTS-Crealen – PP compounds – mineral filled, glass fibre reinforced, also self-extinguishing and impact resistant

PTS-Createc – PBT compounds – unreinforced, 10-50% glass fibre reinforced or mineral filled, also impact resistance, self extinguishing and radiation crosslinkable

PTS-Crealon – PC compounds – unreinforced or up to 40% glass fibre reinforced

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