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Ketjenblack - Superconductive Carbon Black

Ketjenblack superconductive carbon black offers the highest electrical conductivity at the lowest concentration in the industry.

Due to their unique morphology, substantially lower amounts of Ketjenblack EC-300J, and even lower amounts of Ketjenblack EC-600JD, are needed to obtain the desired properties when compared to conventional carbon blacks. As a result, the processing and mechanical properties of the final product are much less impacted.

Ketjenblack can be applied to all types of polymers and elastomers and are used in a wide variety of applications including protective packaging for electronics, safety shoes, fuel tanks and hoses, conductive flooring, high voltage cables, batteries, fuel cells and conductive paint.

Product Name
Typical Dosage
Ketjenblack EC-300J
Superconductive black
Very high purity
Making polymers conductive
with minimum impact
on mechanical properties
All polymers, resins, coatings & inks
Soft Pellets
Ketjenblack EC-600JD
Top end superconductive black
Very high purity
Provides the same
conductive properties
as EC-300J with half the dosage
All polymers, batteries & fuel cells
Soft Pellets
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