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Desmoflex TPU Blends

Desmoflex TPU Blends

Innovative blend of thermoplastic aromatic polyetherurethane (TPU Ether) and thermoplastic elastomers based on styrenic block copolymers (TPS-S) that has been jointly developed by PTS Marketing GmbH and Bayer Material Science AG.

This unique product combines the excellent mechanical properties of TPU (Desmopan) with the flexibility and easier processing of TPS (PTS-Thermoflex) giving high scratch resistance, good oil resistance, low temperature flexibility down to -50°C and excellent dry touch feel for soft touch surfaces.

Desmoflex is available from 57-85 Shore A and can be used in multi-injection moulding as a bondable soft material for overmoulding ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PA, SAN and PBT.

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