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Armowax - Processing Aid & Compatibiliser

Armowax W-440 is the best dispersion and processing aid for highly filled polymer compounds available and offers the perfect balance between internal and external lubrication.

When making highly filled polymer compounds, dispersion of the fillers is a challenge. In many cases, standard processing aids do not perform well enough to get proper dispersion. Armowax offers the perfect solution.

The unique characteristics of Armowax W-440 are based on a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups present in the double comb polymeric structure.

The good compatibility of Armowax W-440 with polymer and fillers, combined with the low melting point, improves the flow properties of the compound during processing while enhancing optimal dispersion.

Advantages of using Armowax W-440 include:

During Compounding

  • Improved Dispersion of Fillers
  • Broader Processing Window
  • Reduced Melt Viscosity of Compounds
  • Increased Melt Strength of Highly Filled Compounds

During Moulding

  • Improved Flow Properties
  • Improved Mould Release Behaviour
  • Reduced Contamination
  • Reduced Equipment Wear

During End Use

  • Improved Surface Gloss
  • Increased Impact Strength
  • Reduced Additive Concentrations Needed
  • Increased Elongation at Break
Product Name
Typical Dosage
Armowax W-440
Polymeric ester of
long chain alcohol
Speciality processing aid for
highly filled polymer compounds
Polyolefins, Engineering Plastics
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